hours is how much time we waste weakly in search of information

While being in a new place – a hotel, hostel, hospital, airport, government offices or an office building, sports hall, art gallery, train station etc. we’re bombarded by tons of messages in the form of flyers, info boards that very rarely fulfill our needs and answer our questions to our satisfaction.

According to a McKinsey report, over 9 hours a week is wasted on searching for information. Much if it is context-related information – finding an office number, a restaurant address, transport timetable. According to StatCounter, in may 2017 more than 57% of all internet traffic was generated by mobile devices.


is how much of that time is spent on the web or with a smartphone

Downloads of dedicated mobile apps for public spaces is dramatically low. Practically no one installs an app while occasionally visiting their bank. To compound the issue, the cost of designing, creation, support and promotion of a mobile app is high. The development costs can reach up to 110 000 USD/95 000 EUR, while the cost of gaining a single user is about 1 USD.

The average download count of mobile apps from the AppStore and Google Play:

iPassage is a product, which allows the owners/administrators/renters of buildings or entire building complexes or spaces to leave information on the smartphones of their clients/guests/consumers, without the need of installing mobile apps, sending out text messages or emails in a way that’s as simple as posting to Facebook.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, we trigger the web browser to send a notification from our own Middleware – Passage software which allows for:


Controlling of Smart Devices


Localization Services


Transport Services


Connecting with popular Info API’s


Connecting with popular tourist and information sites


Real estate developers of both commercial and public developments.


Administrators of both commercial and public developments.


Renters both commercial and public developments.